Check if player puts an item on another item

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  1. Hello, Im wondering how I could test for if a player puts an item on another item

    So, Im trying to find this out for my CustomEnchnat plugin. Here is an example of how this looks. BTW on Cosmic there is a change the book will destory your item or else it would have added a lore.

    All im wondering is how to detect if a player does that
  2. This can be buggy.

    A good way to do this would be to use anvils.
  3. How could I do this? That is what i was going to do at first but could find a method for using anvils
  4. Use the InventoryClickEvent and check if the action is SWAP_WITH_CURSOR. Then, you can get the item on the cursor with #getCursor() and the item clicked with #getCurrentItem(). You can then do you checks and manipulate each item accordingly.

    Edit: keep in mind that this method doesn't seem to work for people in creative. Probably a bug with Spigot, but just remember.
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