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  1. Hello im making a Bukkit plugin and i want know if exists some way for know if x ProxiedPlayer is online in a Bukkit plugin, Sorry for my english :p
  2. You can only use ProxiedPlayers in a Bungee plugin. If you want to check if a player is online with Bukkit, check if Bukkit#getPlayer(Player player) returns null. If so, the player is offline.
  3. I know this, but i want check in a Bukkit plugin if a x player is connected in the Bungee Server
  4. Get all servers using GetServers, get all players using PlayerList, check if the name is on any of the servers. Or write a BungeeCord plugin which allows you to check if the player is on the server directly (listen to the PluginMessage event, and return true/false based on whether ProxyServer#getPlayer(name or UUID))
  5. You can use getAddress in player class. it returns bungee cord's ip if that user connecting from the bungee cord you to want to join.
  6. No.

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  7. To elaborate on that "no" that is only the case when your servers are not properly setup.
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  8. Lol three years ago, noob questions