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  1. I develop plugins, and I usually disable support for offline servers in each one. However, multiple users have complained about this, as they are running BungeeCord. Is there a way for me to detect whether or not a server is using BungeeCord?
  2. Check if the IP is localhost||
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  3. This only works if the BungeeCord instance is on the same machine as the Minecraft server. It usually is, but not always.
  4. Either that or a bungee + bukkit plugin combo.
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    Its not really worth the effort, if offline mode users want to use your plugin they will.
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  6. It's so easy to remove offline mode checks from plugins, it's a waste of time. Look it up, "JAD-GUI" is a java decompiler that produces very clean sources from a .jar. It is then very easy to remove any isOnlineMode() checks.

    Even smarter people will just modify craftbukkit to make onlineMode always return true. It's so easy to do it's really just not worth it.
  7. I know it's easy to remove the check, but it still prevents a good portion of cracked servers from running the plugin. I can at least disable it for the more Java-illiterate server owners.
  8. "Good portion". Yeah right. I've never, ever, ever seen a cracked server owner being java illiterate to that point. Unless you use weird reflection-based checks at multiple hidden places, etc... you just need to know english to remove the check. Java knowledge isn't really required, as it's fairly intuitive you'll want to remove the if(getServer().isOnlineMode()) lines.

    You could detect if there is a bungeecord server running in front of you by using the plugin messaging, seeing if it returns something, but there's no way to see if that bungeecord server is in online mode or not that way. You'll have to create a bungee plugin for that. It's really just more trouble than it's worth.