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  1. omg I spent so much time trying to figure this out and I just cannot. I want to check if when a players target is an armor stand. Ive tried if(p.getTargetBlock((Set<Material>) null, 5).getType == Material.ArmorStand) doesn't work So then I looped through every armor stand in the world that the player was in, checked is the players target block was the the armor stands location and that didn't work. I am so frustrated someone help.
  2. An armour stand is actually an entity, so use the following method
    Code (Text):
    private Entity getLookingAt(Player player) {
        int range = 5;
        Location eye = player.getEyeLocation();
        Entity lookingAt = null;
        for (Entity entity : player.getNearbyEntities(range, range, range)) {
            Vector vector = entity.getLocation().toVector().subtract(eye.toVector());
            if (vector.normalize().dot(eye.getDirection()) > 0.9D) {
                lookingAt = entity;
        return lookingAt;
    Then in your command or wherever you are using the method, just check
    Code (Text):
    if (getLookingAt(player) instanceof ArmourStand && getLookingAt(player) != null) {
          // do your stuff
    The range integer in the lookingAt method is how many blocks away the armour stand can be for the method to return it.

    Thanks @Mr.Midnight for your post here that I based this on.
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  3. ill try it thx :)
  4. it ended up working thx so much
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