Bungee - Proxy CheckNameHistoryBC 1.0.0-alpha

BETA Testers Welcome! Check history of name changes! (BungeeCord plugin)

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    CheckNameHistoryBC - Check history of name changes! (BungeeCord plugin)

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  2. Tried it on Bungeecord version 1.8-snapshot "62981e4":1049 and does nothing when I type the command... I get "Unknown command. Type /help for help. Tried typing it in the bungee window, Command unknown. Plugin does nothing.
  3. prplz


    @vk2gpz this plugin blocks netty threads when the command is executed.
  4. ya, i haven't had bungee testing environment until recently. so, i haven't being able to do decent checking. But will start looking into this and finalise it for release sometime in next week.

    Thanks for reporting!
  5. prplz


    Same applies on the bukkit version (blocks server thread)
  6. ?? really? can you pastebin the error? I cannot reproduce the same on any of my test servers.
  7. prplz


    You are doing an HTTP request on the main thread every time a player logs in. It's not instantly an error however this blocks all other game ticking while it sends the request and waits for the response. Here's a crash report from a user on IRC: http://pastebin.com/vH0KgLQv
    Waiting for an external service to reply should never be done on the main thread, you need to use async tasks.
  8. yes, this check when logging was added in the recent update to support cache. This login look up is now running in a separate thread.