Spigot CheezTrails [1.15.X] 2.11

Advanced particle trails! | Highly customizable GUI & Editor! | Wings & more!

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    CheezTrails [1.11] | Professional-looking Particle Trails - Advanced particle trails! | Highly customizable GUI & Editor! | Wings & more!

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  2. Defo interested when it saves trails
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  3. This!
  4. My players really enjoy this plugin as do I, Hoping to see an update for 1.13.
  5. Amazing! Any chance of adding 1.8.X support?
  6. Thank you!
    Not at the moment, but the project is open source, so you're free to try to backport it yourself!
    The main thing that needs editing is the included particle library. You may be able to replace it with the original one to get a head start.
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  7. I love this plugin! It has the quality of a premium plugin while being free. It’s excellent!

    However, I do have a suggestion:
    Could you please make it so that the trails stop appearing if the user is invisible—whether they have the vanilla invisibility status effect or are vanished thanks to the SuperVanish or PremiumVanish plugin—and then re-appear again once they are no longer invisible or vanished?

    Also, could you please add a /trail toggle command that toggles the visibility of the trails but doesn’t disable them so that if the user uses /trail toggle again, the same trails they had are enabled?

    If you could implement these two features, that’d be fantastic!
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