Cheking Players before joining server

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  1. Can anybody tell me the name of this plugin please 2020-04-02_02.15.14.png 2020-04-02_02.15.27.png
  2. Ok. And if I take a premium name and type "yes" even though I'm not premium? Not sure of your exact intentions, but user input just isn't reliable. There's no good way of checking that a player is premium besides using online mode. Then you already know everyone's premium.
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  3. Maybe there is a way to check if the player is from a premium client?? Idk..
  4. No. The UUIDs are different and any username not logged in can be taken. Even lookups for accounts on Mojang's site would be pointless because of that. If the client has to say it's premium, then any player could hack the game to make it think it is.
    I digress though. If OP insists on a plugin to do something like this, I'd suggest anything that doesn't rely on user input, but instead some extra layer of login.
  5. If you say that your are a premium user maybe it tracks your ip. So if you came with a new ip you have to login.
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