Chess Server - Opinions, ideas?

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  1. Hello everyone! As the title suggests, I wish to start a server which allows players to compete in Chess games live, and online! This would include many features, including:
    - Ratings (ELO)
    - Server ranks based upon ratings (NEWBIE, DECENT, GOOD, PRO, etc.)
    - Player of the week, day, month (Most improved, highest-rated, etc.)
    - AI to play if nobody is up for a game [​IMG] (should be around 1200 ELO, unless someone steps up to help, or I can port stockfish on a dedicated server)

    If you have some ideas, or comments, please feel free to reply! Also, please give me feedback, and an indication as to whether or not you would play on this server?

    ** Note: this would include other gamemodes, but this would be the central portion of the server itself :D **
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  2. Pretty sure the majority of people who play Minecraft don't know how to play Chess.

    Could be a cool way to learn though. I'd recommend adding in a tutorial that players can choose to view kind of like Mineplex's thing.
  3. Interesting enough, I play Chess on a regular basis and am pretty good at it.
    A long time ago, I did help with a small project where we played chess but moving pieces with W.E. Quite fun.

    I haven't seen anything like this, and it'd be hard to find the players to play it, but it'd be purty cool
  4. So, if it were released, would you play it? Also, yes, it is going to be somewhat niche. However, this could be a strength! :)
  5. Thanks for the advice! I may do that, though general rules would likely just be found by reference to another page. Just to clarify, would you play on it, though?
  6. Just invent the chess plugin with a crazy evil difficult AI player that you can't beat and then
    offer a prize purse of $100 if you manage to beat it.

    Whether the AI can be beat is switched on or off by the server admins >: )
  7. Well, this can be done by porting stockfish, and adjusting the ply of move calculation greatly. That said, and in all seriousness, would you play it?
  8. HEY! thats a great idea, I once thought about it, but not enough money.
  9. XD I'm not paying to do it, but would you play on it? (I friends who can do builds, and I code plugins)
  10. Sure <3
  11. So, due to the amount of interest, (here and otherwise) I'll be creating a discord and going through with the server! :)
  12. No, I don't think I would - but it would be pretty neat to see it done.

    There was an awesome blackjack plugin that used to work a lonngg
    time ago way back in 1.5.2 - That was for your map. Totally awesome.
  13. This seems like an awesome idea! I would love to see it being implemented! :D
  14. Indeed I would play it, cant seem to find enough chess people in real life anyways. And the idea of offering a prize for beating a hard AI opponent sounds like a really good one too. Joined the Discord
  15. Thanks! Glad to hear it!
  16. Nice! I'm happy that there is some interest!
  17. FrostedSnowman

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    my opinion:

    it's a neat idea and a cool thing to be made in minecraft.

    however, it's not something you'll be seeing that a lot of players will be playing etc. more of like a 'wow cool someone actually made it ;o'
  18. But... would you play on it?
  19. FrostedSnowman

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    probably once just to see how it works. not something i'd go back to play continuously though