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Is this all possible?

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  1. So, as you know it's Christmas in 3 months!
    I'm releasing my server at the start of December, along with a Christmas minigame.

    The minigame is similar to the HiveMC's resturant rush with the cupboards. When you open a door,
    it instantly closes and a GUI would pop-up. So in my game: Present Packers, you open a toy cupboard and it instantly closes and a GUI pops up. I'm new to Bukkit programming and I don't know what code to use to focus on the specific door because in the match, players are in different rooms with a toy cupboard each. How could I do this! (Question 1 <-)

    Then the players would open a chest and put the items they got from the toy cupboard GUI, into the chest.
    I would need to check if they put the correct items in. If they put the wrong item in or they picked up an extra item, they lose a point. But if they have no extra items and have the correct item in the chest they gain a point. How would I focus on each individual chest in each players rooms. (Question 2 <-)

    How then could I check for the items in the chest? (Question 3 <-)

    How could I reset the GUI in the toy cupboard? (Question 4 <-)

    This is not a plugin request, nor am I wanting you to answer each question. If you know a solution please comment the code I could use.

    Thank you so much,

  2. If you are new to programming why start with such a big plugin? Start with the smaller ones.
  3. I'm not completely new to programming with Spigot but I guess it's a big plugin. Do you think a Snowball Fight plugin would be easier?
  4. Depends on what the plugin does and the features.
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