Chest - automation backup tool for your Minecraft server

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    Hello everybody,
    I just want to show you the program, created in Golang, which helps you back up the Minecraft server.
    Chest is a fast and low-memory tool, it supports multithreading, automatically stop and start your server (only if you use screen tool).
    More information about Chest you can find here and on GitHub (yes, the tool is open-sourced, so you can do with it whatever you want).
    Than you for your attention! :)
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  2. Will this make only subversion backups incrementally of the changes that are happening, or a new zip every time.

    We have servers with over 150gb of filesize, and so far i've written my own scripts etc to sort it out, might be considering looking at a complete solution.

    does this just do the changes, does it respect free space and max filesize limits of these online services?
    are the passwords stored correctly and encrypted for these services?
    are the backups encrypted and keys stored offsite?
    will it auto cycle through oldest to newest etc so there's not problem with running out of storage?
    are the backups crc checked etc, before being moved, so when there's corruption we dont backup corruption and lose ability to rollback ?
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    Why not just use rsnapshot?
  4. Because of some of the disadvantages mentioned here;
    We use Mike's suggestions to get diff/timestamp/md5/rsync/etc stuff sorted, it's just not perfect, and every system is different. What i have works, it's just prone to stupid mistakes.
  5. Hello,
    1) It makes new archive every time
    2) Actually now it supports only Google Drive, but in the future (or you can just make it on your own) it will support more storages, ftp, and local storages. So you need to check free space by yourself :(
    3) What passwords are you mean? If you about file privileges and blablabla, then yes, the program pack your files to .tar archive and only then pack it to .7z archive
    4) You can manually add encryption option if you want (but I add this option in future, thx)
    5) Yes, you can add a parameter --max number_here when you start the program, for example --max 5, and when in your backup folder program will find more than 5 backups archives, for example, 6, it will delete the oldest one (it check this after each uploading of a backup archive)
    6) Don't understand, sorry. If you about automatic rollback, then no, you need to rollback by your own, but maybe I will add this function in the future.