Chest command GUI hopping problem!

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  1. Hi there!
    thanks for clicking my thread! :)

    I got this problem:
    i am creating a gui for my Cosmetics,
    i only made the main menu (yet) but i want to use the more specefic GUI's of the Cosmetic plugin it self,
    i gave the ChestCommands a (working) command of the Cosmetic plugin,
    or it works ingame but when u run that command in the gui of ChestCommands it does close itself,
    (without a new GUI appearing)

    How should i fix this?
    A thank u that u readed my problem :)
    thx AnimalMace
  2. Add "KEEP-OPEN: true" to the items that open a new GUI.
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  3. aahhh!!
    Thank u! :D
    i have it running! a huge thank u!
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  4. I am working on a pastbin with a fully cosmetics menu :)
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