Chest Commands Enchantment error

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  1. Hi can anyone help me with this error:

    I put the enchantment: variable in a section in a menu to give it an effect and when I do /cc reload to comes up with an initial error and the whole plugin stops working and when I remove the variable it works again.

    However this works on my test server but my main one it doesn't work PLEASE HELP ME


  2. Please post your consoleerror
  3. what does it do?
  4. Uzi


    Here is a example I have that should work
    Code (Text):
      COMMAND: 'Example 1'
      NAME: '&eExample 1'
      ID: 160:3 (Blue Stained Glass Pane)
      ENCHANTMENT: Respiration,1
      POSITION-X: 1
      POSITION-Y: 1
      COMMAND: 'Example 2'
      NAME: ' &eExample 2 '
      ID: 160:3 (Blue Stained Glass Pane)
      ENCHANTMENT: Respiration,1
      POSITION-X: 5
      POSITION-Y: 1
      COMMAND: 'Example 3'
      NAME: '&eExample 3'
      ID: 160:3 (Blue Stained Glass Pane)
      ENCHANTMENT: Respiration,1
      POSITION-X: 9
      POSITION-Y: 1
    That is to add enchantment's to items, also make sure to have everything in its correct order if the ID: for yours is not working use the number ID instead of typing the name and using a number just use the full ID for the ID: hope I helped

    Note: Enchantments don't apply to anything just shows it glowing without enchantment name, you can also set the lore to your liking <3
  5. Thanks, but do you know how I can set the enchant effect without using the enchantment variable?


  6. That's not possible in ChestCommands, and also, if this thread is solved, please mark it as solved
  7. Well its not xD
  8. Uzi


    As in where it will show the enchantment or give the player a item with a enchantment on it, if you're trying to give a player a sword with sharpness you do that in the command part, if you are talking about having just a item enchanted I show examples but if you want something to say under the examples use the Lore: Section