Spigot Chest Commands FORK (+ ItemsAdder compatibility) 4.0.4

Unofficial fork of Chest Command with ItemsAdder compatibility and some useful new features

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  3. i want to know how can i use the CUSTOM-MODEL-DATA and CUSTOM-ITEM in config?
    can u show me a template?it‘s useful for me to read the template.
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    You just have to write this if you want to use an ItemsAdder item.
    Code (Text):
    CUSTOM-ITEM: your_item
    There i no need to use MATERIAL if you use CUSTOM-ITEM.

    If you want to use custommodeldata use this:
    Code (Text):
  5. ths!hope you can keep on it!

    but it doesnt work
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and what it refers?
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    Depends how you're creating your items.
    If you're using ItemsAdder you just have to use CUSTOM-ITEM and specify an ItemsAdder item ID, nothing else.

    If you're not using ItemsAdder you have to write MATERIAL: STICK and CUSTOM-MODEL-DATA: 145.

    Anyway this menu is very cool! Good job :D
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  7. how can I know the itemsadder items id . I depend on itemsadder
    By this plugin,I think I can do more to implemnt my ideas.I like it very much!


    can I add your discord so that I can aks for a question? Thanks
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    It's the itemsadder item name.

    For example
    Code (Text):

    CUSTOM-ITEM: ruby
    Code (Text):

    CUSTOM-ITEM: itemsadder:ruby
    Code (Text):

    CUSTOM-ITEM: myitems:example_item
  9. Thank you very much!
    You can stand me for a long time. :LOL:(y):giggle:
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    No problem! I'm here to help :D

    Feel free to leave a 5 stars review on ItemsAdder page, it helps me a lot!
    Thanks :D
  11. Okay. Can I use the DeluxeMenus in same function?
    Because chestcommands don’t have some nice functions so that I can’t impelemet my ideas.
    I am so sorry to say that.:oops:
    And what time do you usually online,I can connect with you,hhhh
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    Probably you're creating the GUI using an item, right?
    A solution is to set this property in the json file
    Code (Java):
    You have to use the font images feature of ItemsAdder to create the GUI.
    If you need help open a ticket on my Discord server and I'll help you directly :D
  14. my discord Cinnaio#5275
    and i dont know the json file .i want to help me in detail.:cry::oops:
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  15. hi i have this error can some help me?

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    try to update itemsadder and lonelibs.
    provide a full server log

    have a nice day