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  1. I'm pretty sure that the original chest commands plugin still works @Hyxperia
  2. hey, can you fix it?

    but when i click!


  3. I cant get new 1.13 item names to show is this not been updated to 1.13 yet?
  4. Hello! Please add a UUID Skull Owner support!
  5. No, the 1.13 is not supported yet.
  6. You must be use that formule:

    ID: 'skull:3'
    SKULL-OWNER: 'playername'

    You can use a uuid to name converter for get the name
  7. Hello thank you for nice plugin, ...
    I need a help. . .
    Im starting quest server so i need trade with enchanted item for example
    for one or another reason i will give to player this one item:
    give @p 41 1 0 { display: { Name: "Pure Silver", Lore: [ "Give this to Isimm", "Quest Item" ] }, ench: [ { id: 34, lvl: 10 } ], HideFlags: 7};
    so now player have unique item in hes inventory.
    but how to use it to buy another stuff from shop that required exact this item
    i tryed something like
    REQUIRED-ITEM: 41 { display: { Name: "Pure Silver", Lore: [ "Give this to Isimm", "Quest Item" ] }, ench: [ { id: 34, lvl: 10 } ], HideFlags: 7}, 1

    but isn't work
    Thank you in advance
  8. We used this plugin for something pretty important on our server, can't live without it! This plugin was so easy to use (no skill required!) but since 1.13 I've spent more hours trying to configure it than on anything else.
    I don't know why in 1.13 sometimes my give commands work and sometimes not....

    Instead of what works for me in 1.13.1 vanilla singleplayer to give a Sharp V diamond sword
    /give @s diamond_sword{Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:sharpness",lvl:5}]} 1
    this works
    /give {player} 276 1 Name:"Pure Silver" sharpness:5

    @bbftool Your command above looks like 1.12 command syntax. Commands have all changed in 1.13.

    I'm here in the discussion because I can no longer make it give overpowered enchantments, like Sharpness X
  9. update 1.13.2
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  10. Please update to 1.13.2
  11. I would like to remove this message, as I do? "Please wait before clicking again."
  12. can some one help im using multi verse and i have a fun park with lets say a compass when i click on it it will open a menu but when i go to my main spawn and i click on the compass it still opens the menu is there a way disable that in my main spawn
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  13. ''op: command" does not work, please, can you solve it? I did everything correctly, in fact, the old version of ChestCommands with my configuration if it works, but obviously, I need this version since it is compatible with PAPI
  14. When i use "KEEP-OPEN: true" most next menus are broken :cry:

    This plugin is so nice!!! (y)
  15. please, update this to 1.13.2 :(
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  17. Can you tell me what about is "console: "

    I use this for some command say ypu don't have permission,I use that's right?

    eg. COMMAND: 'console: kp give COAL_ORE {player};