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  1. I have seen that on a server you could preview the content of a chest, but not take it. It was claimed. It was some kind of a plugin I guess. How would one replicate this or anyone knows the plugin? :)
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  2. Anyone knows and could help? <3
  3. Are you asking how to develop it or if it has been made publicly?
  4. You mean like a crate plugin where you can preview what's inside the crate?
  5. Guys, my bad. I am talking mainly about factions. People can preview the chest in claimed land, you can't take anything out, but you can see its contents.
  6. Just leaving my two cents here.

    Why? That's the thrill of exploding chests looking for loot. There's no good of knowing which chests should be exploded without guessing
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  7. Well, ceggs cost huge money and this doesn't do any harm really. Also, a lot of people have ton of chests and imagine 90% of them being empty. To a little bit of background talk, mostly, in the raids that i often do, it is extremely hard to locate where the chests, spawners are to shoot the cannon and break them, get the loot. For instance, if i was a cannoner, who spent all of my tnt on breaking a 20 wall base, entered the base and found out that my cannon was not located at the correct place. Then, i need to move the cannon again spend hours on breaking the walls, but i have no tnt left. Anyway, the raids are really pointless once you broke into the base and get no loot because your cannon was not located at the correct place.
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  8. That is where tactics come to play.
  9. I can whip up something if you want, just pm your server version and how it should work and I'll get on it later
  10. Just let him do what he wants, it's his server after all. If you don't like that just don't go on his server and don't be hating on him.
  11. ???????

    I'm not hating lol...