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  1. Hello!
    I am working on my server and making my lobby menu. I know that there are plugins that will include customizable lobby menus with pets and stuff, but I would like to use the plugins for these purposes that I like, for example EchoPet for the pets, and SmokeTrail for the trails, and not the all-in-one lobby plugins, because they just do not have that much customization. In those lobby plugins you can see if you have the permission for a pet. Now, is there anyway to reproduce that in ChestCommands?

    So, telling you a little bit clearer:
    In ChestCommands I have an item icon. IF a player has the permission EXAMPLE.DOG then it will show a DOG SPAWN EGG, ELSE it will show a WHITE SPAWN EGG (minecraft:spawn_egg:1, but this doesn't really matter, cause this is just an example). So based on permissions, I want to show different items, which do different commands (e.g: the dog spawn egg will do /pet dog, while the white spawn egg will redirect you to another part of the menu where you can buy the dog pet for currency which you bought on the webstore of the server).

    Is this possible in ChestCommands OR a similar plugin to ChestCommands?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. No there is not a way to reproduce this in ChestCommands but you can in DeluxeMenus.
  3. Thank you!
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