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  1. I recently downloaded the plugin chestcommands. I configured it like I thought it was supposed to be but when I went to use it ingame it just came up with an error. I put it through the YAML parser and there were no errors. Please Help!!

    example.yml -

    I added an image of what happens -

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    This is off topic, but I love the irony of your username.

    Back on point, I can't really see your image, can you post it in a gyazo?
  3. Lol thanks, but anyways just click on the photo it should enlarge.
  4. Well then,
    May you show us your chestcommands configuration there may be something invalidily defined leaving your plugin no choice but to leave that option behind triggering something else that could be there,
    Just paste all of your configs in pastebin in letter form I have my patience,
    So please show us your plugin config
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  6. Which chestcommand version are you using because I recommend you download the latest version
    There is a bug that suites your case in past versions
  7. The ID error wasn't the thing that I was worried about, but thanks anyways, the real problem is were only that one and the leave button are showing up and not the rest. And Rhiteash I'm using the latest version 3.1.1
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    It's hard to help without the config to the menu, so could only go for the error on image. "" does not exist. Problem might be you're using the same names for the items.
  9. Ye same thing happens with red wool
  10. Same Names are not the problem I tested
  11. Ok, so I changed the name of the LORE on the first item to Hi and now when I do /menu open example it say example.yml not found
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    Problem is fairly simple to solve.

    Change the "Will-not-close" to a unique name for each. They have to be named differently.

    Also lore should be in line with all the other variables like the name. That goes for the lores text too.
  13. Try using an online yaml parser, that might find out what you need to fix
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  15. It worked! Thanks alot!
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