ChestCommands - Is this option possible..?

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  1. Hi,

    So I have ChestCommands installed on my W.I.P Parkour Server, and I've set up menus for particular things.
    BUT.. if you see below,

    For example the cactus item that says "Desert", is there a way of making it so that after a player completes "Desert", I can give that player a permission in order to make the cactus enchanted?

    So for default players, the cactus is unenchanted but when the complete the course "desert", it turns that cactus into enchanted?

    Maybe it's permission based or config based but idk if it's possible .-.

    It would be great if this was possible, or if it already exists (I hope it does).

    A popular server called manacube (IP: has a similar plugin (but not ChestCommands) on their Parkour server. When players complete a course, it changes the course from a gray dye (incomplete) in the menu, to lime dye (complete) in the menu.

    Thanks :)
  2. I hope you understand what I mean cuz I have a feeling no one will lol xD
    It's also a Bukkit plugin but I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference.
  3. Not sure if it will work or not but in the chest commands wiki it states that you can give people a permission in order to view a specific icon, so maybe if you add the icon twice and give them the permission afterwards it will show the 2nd, enchanted icon.

    Just like PERMISSION, but a user without this permission will not be able to see the item. Can be negated (e.g.: '-my.custom.permission').


    VIEW-PERMISSION: 'my.custom.permission'
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    I will try it now! :) LEGEND
  5. It comes up with a ton of errors .-.

    I believe this is because I have two items, both at the same coordinates in the chest. If you understand what I'm saying.
    Both of the items are at the same chest position in the same menu, and I don't know how to resolve that issue.

    Do you have a possible solution?
  6. No sorry, i have never seen any plugin that can do what your asking, seems like something that wouldnt be to hard but guess it is :/
    only advice would be to get a custom plugin made
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  7. Okay thanks! :)
  8. Waittttt, what do you mean by negated? I didn't negate anything
  9. If you want, shall I send you the config?
    Idk if you're able to do anything with it lol
  10. Bump, anyone still got any possible resolutions? I am using ChestCommands version 3.1.3 (the newest is 3.1.4).
  11. You can change to deluxemenus, I use a lot the view requirment on permissions, and deluxemenus works good.
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  12. Oh really? Is it better than chestcommands?, Same sort of features?, maybe easier to use?

    It's just that it would take me forever to convert it .-.

    So got to make suree
  13. In my experience, chestcommands is much easier to use/configure than deluxe menus but the benefit of deluxe menus is that there are countless placeholders and slightly more advanced things that you could do with it.
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  14. Oh awesome! Thanks :)