ChestCommands NBT Tags for Tipped Arrows, Spawn Eggs etc

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  1. Hello. I'm searching for NBT tags which will work in ChestCommands.
    Example: I want to make a tipped arrow in the menu, but it showing only one color, and I can't change it because tipped arrows have the same id and don't have subid.
    ChestCommands allow making NBT tags, so i put:

    NBT-DATA: '{display:{potion:"minecraft:weakness"}}'

    But nothing changed. Is there any another ways to do it?
  2. I used ChestCommands for a while, and it's so limited. You would change to DeluxeMenus, is so better than ChestCommands, and allows using NBT Tags, and more functions, like implementation of placeholders from PlaceholderAPI.
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  3. Okay, I will try. Can you send me DeluxeMenus config with NBT tags for tipped arrow and eggs?
  4. What's your server version ? if it's 1.12.2 or below:
    if you are using Essentials or EssentialsX; try to do /itemdb while holding the potion in your hand, then you will see its data, then in DeluxeMenus, do
    Code (YAML):
    : POTION
    : <data you had with /itemdb without the <> >
    if you are on 1.13 and above, I think it may be the same thing but I'm not sure