ChestCommands Problem (Not Opening Menus)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by IAmNotPopular, May 16, 2015.

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  1. I recently got the latest version of ChestCommands and it doesn't seem to work.
    I've made my menus and everything I got CustomJoinItems too
    So on my menu folder on ChestCommands there's a 'FactionsSelector' I've done everything right I even watched a couple of tutorials. And when you go on FactionsSelector.yml everything is looking fine And on my CustomJoinItems I made a Menu Selector Item and the command for it is 'cc open MenuSelector' I have a MenuSelector.yml on the ChestCommands menu folder too on the MenuSelector.yml theres a item saying Factions and the command for it says 'cc open FactionsSelector' So it would open the FactionsSelector yml fine with a list of Factions (UPHFactions,OPFactions,OriginalFactions,etc) And then I restarted my server and there was no ChestCommands error message. And then when you log in to my server you have the Item Menu Selector and then when you click it, it says " Opening the menu MenuSelector.yml " And then my menu pops op and then my Factions Icon comes up and then you click Factions and it says "Open the menu FactionsSelector.yml " And nothing comes up. So only the first menu would show after you click any other menu it just closes the first menu and the FactionsSelector dosen't come up.

    Spigot Version: 1.8.3
    Please Help D:

    Problem in short story: Just opens the first menu, & When you click any other menu in the first menu the 2nd menu wont show and just closes the first menu
  2. Please post the error in the console and your config.yml otherwise we can't help you
  3. When a ChestCommands shop won't open, it's 99% likely a config error. Make sure all of your strings are enclosed in 's.
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  4. I have the same problem
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  5. Are you trying to use multiple menus/GUI using chestcommand?
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  6. md_5

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    Please create a new thread with new information, this is a very old thread.
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