Spigot ChestDrop v0.1.6

A simple plugin that lets you define a time based random chest drop

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    ChestDrop - A simple plugin that lets you define a time based random chest drop

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  2. *cough* copy of the archon eh? *cough*
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  3. As said on the bottom of the description: "I would like to thank dijabola18 for throwing the idea of making a random chest drop plugin that he needed for his server". I was asked if I can make a chest drop plugin that did A, B and C and I did nothing less nothing more.
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  5. The simplest way to find out how to set the display name would be to go to creative and name the item using an anvil. Then while holding the item in hand use the /nbt command. You'll get the proper NBT value on the console (server log) and in chat. Simply put this value in the NBT section and your done. You can also look at the sample kit there is an item that has name. If you still have any problems let me know.

    Ps. Next time it would help if you provided the entire file to be 100% sure that you put everything correctly.
  6. Thanks for the help with the name

    Ps. I checked my file in a parser, no errors so that isn't the problem :)
  7. YE I am not hating, its just archon released a shitty version fo this yesterday that legitamently would take me 5 mins to recreate #ArchonShit, anyways this plugin is great :)

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  8. Thanks for the kind words :p
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  9. Archon copied it from Cosmic PvP :p
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  10. Yeah, and again no OFFENSE but the plugin they have is shit.
  11. Nice plugin.
    Anyways , can u tell me whats the kits?
    For ex : /cddrop <kit name>
  12. It's the "thing" defined in kits.json. This is where you define the region and items that drop on the map.
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  13. U should add more x.P
  14. Add more what?
  15. My opinion , add or make Envoy like CosmicPvP has ( if u watch Woofless or TBNRfrags ).
  16. Either explain what you mean or provide a link to movie

  17. ^^
    Here is a better way to see this video what i mean.
  18. So basically you want to predefine positions where the chests should drop?
  19. Yes.And if u can and if u want to make plugin like in that video x)