Chests empty and item frame/items being duped?

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    So last night we updated our servers to 1.9.4 and we are experiencing some weird bugs ever since...

    Both of these bugs seem to be chunk-specific, but some players just flat out have chests that are now empty and I have to roll them back and restore them in order to get their items back. One player had a large storage area that spanned 2 chunks, and only the chests in one chunk were empty, and the rest were fine. Really odd.

    And the other bug is affecting certain players' item frames... They basically keep coming back and falling onto the ground every time the player leaves the chunk and comes back. When I tested, I would break 2 item frames with items in them, leave the area, and when I came back they were duped and back on the wall and would fall after a few seconds on the ground. Quite a nasty little dupe if abused...

    Anyone else experiencing this after updating to 1.9.4? I have had reports of it on my Survival and Skyblock servers so far as well. Hope to gather some info and figure out what's causing this. Thanks!

    Here is a short video of one of my player's item frames that is stuck in an endless duplicating loop. Her chests that are in the same chunk also ended up completely empty, despite having items in them prior to updating to 1.9.4... I also ran these same tests with the same server/world with ZERO plugins enabled, so I know it's not a plugin issue.

    And to reiterate, this bug has also occurred on our Skyblock server as well, and is not just specific to our main survival server/world.
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    So I had some weird errors come up in my console right before my server crashing. They appear related to this issue, but even though it says Libsdisguises is involved, both bugs still happen even with the plugin removed completely. I split it into two pastes since they were kinda large:

    Is nobody else experiencing this at all?
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    I was experiencing the issue with item frames being duped and popping off walls. After removing LibsDiguises it was fixed. I believe he may have updated it since then to fix these errors but I haven't had time to test it myself.
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    Ya I took libs off, and some players are still having this issue and I have no way to prevent it. They can just keep logging off and on if they wanted to dupe them, luckily our community isn't the type to really want to do that though :p
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    Nobody else is experiencing this issue at all? I uploaded this video to show one spot that I can recreate the issue easily, and although I recorded it on a live server with plugins loaded, I have replicated this bug on the same server with zero plugins enabled. And this is also occurring on other servers we have, and not an isolated issue to just one world.

  6. Possibly try PaperSpigot
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    Eh, would rather not change up my entire setup over this issue, as I am sure a proper solution will be found eventually.

    Added this issue officially as an issue since many others have come to me saying they have the same issue. Here is the direct link to give your input:
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    You had requested I upload a world file to this issue, and hadn't heard any updates since then. The world I linked in the issue ( has exact coords to the issue depicted in the video in this thread. And I have been seeing tons of others reporting the same exact issues with chests and item frames.

    Hoping we can find a resolution for this, and I will provide any needed info to do so :)
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  9. My server is having some similar problem about chunk loading and item-frame duping problem, but not quite like yours. When player visit a new region, and there are naturally-spawn structure. EX: Village, Ender-palace, etc. In a newly formed region, player can quickly log off and on again. The whole region will refresh. If in a Ender-boat, everything inside will be refreshed, which means that player can get multiple item from the same location, by going offline and on. And everything around the player will be half-spawned. (Ex item frames, chests)