Chests turning into enderchests

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by josh324, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Ive just updated my server to a 1.13.2 server and an issue has arised where all chests turn into ender chests.

    Ive tried installing 1.13.2 protocol support version and latest protocol sup[port version

    How would i fix this?
  2. Is a plugin messing it up? Hard to tell without more information.
  3. Huh. After all the threads that I have replied to on spigot, never seen this issue before. It's probably a plugin you installed that converted all chests to ender chests. A plugin list would be useful.
  4. Were they literally turned into enderchest, with enderchest behaviour or are they just Chests with the appearance of enderchests? What about doublechests?
  5. 100% of your plugins. If I were you, I would filter through them one by one and make sure you want each of those on your server.
    Furthermore, performance is about quality plugins and you may not need all of those, realistically.
  6. I would start with disabling all of them to see if the error is gone. So you are sure it IS one of your Plugins. Then try to take out the most likeliest plugins. Try Item_Stacker, Anticraft, EliteLootbox, Protocollib, Protocolsupport, AdvancedMonthlyCrates, Block Control, DisablePistonFarming first

    Also try to download your server on a local machine and see if there is some change. I doubt that, but for figuring out the problem it might be handy not to test it on a live server with players
  7. I've had this happen when using ProtocolSupport and joining the server on a version lower than what the server is running.
  8. Thanks for this thread. I just updated my server and am getting the same issue.