Spigot ChestSort (+ API) 12.1.4

Sorts your chests + inventory! Supports WorldGuard etc. (100 % customizable + auto config update)

  1. mfnalex submitted a new resource:

    [1.13] ChestSort - 1.13 compatible plugin to allow automatic chest sorting.

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  2. You should use bStats instead of PluginMetrics. Paper uses it natively, not sure if Spigot switch to it also.
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  3. Thanks, I already removed PluginMetrics in the current version. Maybe I will add bStats later.
  4. Hi, can you add permission into the plugin. I would like to use, but a permission plugin allows me to benefits who contribute to the server more. If you know what i mean. I wan it to have ability to give certain group to have this functions only.
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  5. Of course, I will add permissions until tomorrow.
    I am planning to integrate a single permission node called „chestsort.use“.
    Is that what you need? :)
  6. I have added permission support (and I would be glad if you could leave a review to help my plugin become more popular) :)
  7. Awesome mate. Sure. Thumbs up for you.
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  8. Can I share this plugin in Minecraft Plugin WIki and mcbbs for a Chinese introduction?

    And here is the message in Chinese:
    Code (Text):
    ##### 简体中文
    #message-when-using-chest: "&7提示: 输入 &6/chestsort&7 来启用自动整理箱子."
    #message-when-using-chest2: "&7提示: 输入 &6/chestsort&7 来关闭自动整理箱子."
    #message-sorting-disabled: "&7自动整理箱子已 &c关闭&7."
    #message-sorting-enabled: "&7自动整理箱子已 &a启用&7."
    #message-error-players-only: "&c错误: 指令只能由玩家运行."
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  9. Thank you very much for the translation! :) I will happily include it in the next update (will be released later today or tomorrow).

    Of course you can share my plugin! But please include a link to the plugin's spigotmc page and please don't host the jar files yourself, because I want people to always have access to the latest version :)
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