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  1. Hello everyone,

    Why reason I don't go for Kimsufi
    Is chicagovps dedicated servers any good? The reason I am going for them is instead of kimsufi or soyoustart, I don't fully feel comfortable with linux, so in case I run into problem I have decent customer support.

    What I want to run
    A single creative server, 90 players at peek, 20-30 plugins mostly light weight. It was used around 1 gb on test server. Plus I can get someone to optimized it. I also plan to add more server in the future as the server grows and also upgrade to something like mc-32 form ovh.

    And simple website, just one page.

    Here are the specs of the server
    • Intel Xeon E3-1240V3
    • 8GB of ram
    • 100GB SSD
  2. There's been good and bad reviews about ChicagoVPS on these forums, one user mentioned that they sold sensitive user data to thirdparty corporations.
  3. I have heard that too, when I chose my vps, I decided to stay away from them for that exact reason :s
  4. Be sure you are sourcing semi/fully managed solutions then if you expects OS and/or software support from the provider.
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    If you want decent customer support choosing a company that outsources to the cheapest possible outsourcing support company overseas is the worst choice. If you want decent technical support you will need to pay more than $99/m unless the company is extremely desperate to get a sale.
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  6. Oh, I'm trying to find something under $40, 8-16gb of ram :/ Any good host like this?

    Also servermania any good?
  7. No, they're horrible.
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  8. xD why?
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  10. Either raise your budget or decrease the specs by a LOT. There isn't a shortcut to get "cheap" manual labor included in your hosting package.
  11. Tux


    Both ChicagoVPS and ServerMania are operated by ColoCrossing, which is known for hosting some rather unsavory characters. The owners are also likely criminals. I'll spare the details, but they're not hard to find.

    You're not going to get decent support for less than $99/month, as @Crafter5000 says.
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  12. Oh, okay. I think I well just stick to dedispec, xD They have "good" customer support for under $45
  13. $45 won't even cover the monthly support costs of someone needing it very often. For a managed dedicated server you'd be starting around $150 in my opinion for server and management/support.
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  14. Left alone a single hour of system administration. Expects to pay roughly $50+ per hour for a experienced administrator.
  15. By "good" monthly support I mean they will restart the machine with in an hour if I mess up iptabbles, or if I type the password wrong three times they unban me...
  16. You honestly don't need to rely on support for any of these. Just be sure to get a KVM over IP or some sort of rescue system that will be able to be switched on should the OS be inaccessible. Most providers now of days will deploy this as standard so the customers' will not have to contact support for these very reasons.
  17. Who uses real information these days........
    100% of things i registered online isn't my real info. Even passwords they are different
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  18. '

    Faking your online information will drive up you being detected by the automated fraud systems. Furthermore If ANY of your providers find out that your not honest with your information then they reserve the right to terminate (delete) ALL of your services and the account.

    So in short use legitimate information where you trust them to be used. Otherwise backup your data and take your business elsewhere who can respect your privacy.
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  19. The plan you listed isn't actually even a dedicated server. I ordered one and found out it's only a VPS. Their support team is extremely rude, I've had horrible experiences with them.