Chicken and EGG help!

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  1. Players causing lag by having too many chickens, how do I disable Chickens hatching eggs? Or like lets say a person can only breed so many animals? What do you guys do on your server? Like not everyone on the servers is doing this so its not causing that much lag but If I get more people doing this I am just wondering what woudl happen.
  2. Install ClearLag.
  3. I have that, also addition to this question what vanish plugin is best for pvp server like to catch dupers and stuff?
  4. Essentials /vanish?
  5. VanishNoPacket.
    Clear custom entities > Eggs in the configuration file.
  6. no.
    ClearLag should always be last solution.

    OP, check this post out:

    This should fix your problem:
  7. entity-activation-range:
    animals: 32
    monsters: 32
    misc: 16
    players: 48
    animals: 48
    monsters: 48
    misc: 32
    other: 64

    He had like 1000 chickens in his base :/
  8. /killall Chicken