Choosing a CPU for Dedicated Server - 100+ Players?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm on the market for a super strong dedicated server that can support up to and possibly over 100 players at a time.

    My server has many plugins, which I understand will increase the load on the CPU. I'm finding it hard, however, to figure out which dedicated server will best support a large player base.

    Any and all guidance will help! I will happily provide more information on my operation to better assess what would fulfill my needs.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
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    Well, since Minecraft is heavily dependent on single core performance, I would go with a CPU like i9-9900k, it is extremely powerful for Minecraft servers but price is in accordance. That's assuming that your hosting provider doesn't give the Ryzen equivalent, which is probably better and cheaper.
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  3. As Fondant said, something with good single core performance. Any new I7 / Ryzen 5 and above should do great, with the right optimization of course.
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  4. Are you planning on only running a single server instance or multiple?

    Despite the advancements of Ryzen processors, I'd still argue that Intel i9 9th/10th gen has marginally better single-threaded performance. If you have the budget for it, I'd go for that.

    If you want to spend a little less, you could look into the Ryzen 3600/3700X or the i7-6700K/7700K/9700K/10700K, all of which are pretty great performers.
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  5. Intel i9 for the win!
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  6. Other than the above mentioned, Xeon E-2288G is an awesome choice too.
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  7. Amd Epyc, thats the solution
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  8. Thank you guys for the input.

    I decided to go with the Ryzen 7 3800X - If this one doesn't work out, I'll take the rest of these into consideration!
  9. i9-9900k is the best option here. But last time I wasn't able to find any good providers.

    ReliableSite, but a server owner shifted to OVH after using them. The reason remains a mystery. OVH's new GAME-2 will do great.
    Hetzner provides i9-9900k too, but doesn't have a good ddos protection. It's only available at one location.

    Also, it's important when it comes to server optimizations like this:⚡.283181/
    Make sure you follow that.

    OVHCloud's GAME-2 plan seems the correct plan for your requirement. (AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - 8c/ 16t - 3.9GHz/ 4.5GHz)

    Also, what's the server version you are willing to use?
  10. Go with Google Cloud and get a 4 TB RAM VM. Only about $20,000 monthly!

    In all seriousness OVH is probably the best solution in terms of dedicated machines.
  11. You are actually correct. OVHCloud has never let Big Network owner down. They have been using it for YEARS now. It's just fabulous. Do you remember the days when they offered over-clocked i7-7700k dedicated servers?
  12. I do I think.

    OVH is the best in terms of dedicated machines. For professionals though it kinda lacks sometimes. Not to mention some of their servers seem to randomly crash due to hardware failures at times or just random bs (I’ve never had this happen personally but from other server owners) and from my experience, their support just sucks.

    I moved to Google Cloud a while ago, support responds within 30 mins - 1 hour and the network in general is just flawless, much better designed and easier to manage, although they do not offer dedicated machines.
  13. As a side note I think it is worth mentioning this dedicated server option:
    i9-9900K @ 3.6 GHz 8c/16t - 64 GB DDR4 RAM - 1 TB NVMe SSD - $139/month
    Also offers RAID for an additional cost, and some other features. Worth noting this CPU has better single thread performance than the OVH game-2 one.

    I have not used them myself but they have good TrustPilot reviews and I may give them a try once I eventually finish my modpack/modded server.

    I've heard the same regarding OVH. How much does Google Cloud cost per month on average for your server(s)?
    I quickly looked it up but it doesn't show default pricing, just that it charges differently depending on usage and tbh am too sleepy atm to look through the documentation lol.
  14. That case can change according to you're using multiple or single server. If you're using multiple server, you will need core strength. Also might you know, high minecraft version spend performance. So, you have to choose powerful processor like Ryzen 7/9 or Intel i7 or i9. You should search these processors their page. I said, processor's core power and him thread very important. Good luck.
  15. Depends what specs your VM's have.

    I currently have a load balancer with two Bungee instances (1 vCPU & 1.7 GB RAM each) and one game server (4 vCPU, 16 GB). The Bungee instances are around $14/month each, game server is about $70-$80 I think. They are far more expensive than OVH. One good feature though I guess is you can decide exactly how much CPU and RAM you want and you can change it whenever you want, unlike OVH where I'm pretty sure you're limited to their pre-defined options (GCP charges on several things like amount of vCPU's, RAM, network ingress/egress, etc)

    I also have a managed SQL server (PostgreSQL) which is managed by them automatically, which has failover support, automatic backups, clustering etc. This is about $70-$80 monthly. They offer the same for Redis/Memcached and the price is about the same.

    All of these have 10 GB standard disks (minimum size you can have), excluding the game server which is a 10 GB SSD. Disk pricing is dirt cheap though, $1-$2 month max for an SSD unless you have a lot of space.

    In my opinion it's worth the cost if you can profit. With a load balancer setup correctly you get Google's proper DDoS protection which means you don't have to pay for other DDoS protection services. As a bonus, if you have a website with a load balancer, the frontend (thing people connect through) can have a Google-managed TLS certificate (you can upload your own too obviously) where the CA is Google Trust Services, which is quite cool. Also means you don't have to worry about renewing your certificate or setting up something to do it for you.

    Disk encryption and such is also done by them for free without any configuration, and SSH key authentication is forced.
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  16. Ah okay, thanks for the information!

    Wow, that's a lot of money for a not dedicated server (the 4 vCPU, 16 GB for $70-$80). Although, I suppose if you don't need anything more it actually saves money compared to a dedicated server ($100+).
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  17. You can pick second gen Intel or AMD, first gen CPU is a lot cheaper. Otherwise it's expensive. It's cheaper than buying a dedi though if you don't need more resources.

    Also for a VM, server performance is actually great. I would say the VM's they have even beat some dedi's I've used in the past in terms of performance.

    They also have a lot of other features, you basically have to try out GCP yourself to understand it. It's definitely the best hosting provider I've used.
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