Choosing a host.

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  1. I've been using various hosts for some years now, and my favorite ones have went backrupt. If you use one, or used a good one in the past please let me know :)

    Good run time and good support runs server well.


    Please do not say MCPROHOSTING lel.
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  2. latiku


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  3. Legoman99573


    SYS is helpful
  4. What is SYS?
  5. SoYouStart
  6. What are you even looking for? A dedicated server or Minecraft host?
    For dedicated servers, I'd always suggest OVH, or some of their daughter companies such as SoYouStart or Kimsufi
  7. Gaxan


    Tigernode or ExtraVM
    Hosthorde is a good one but the before mentioned are better.
    I try to avoid hosting & VPS packages that use desktop CPU. You can almost bet you are sharing a core or cores with other customers.
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  8. MC host for now, future maybe dedicated.
  9. is a nice host
  10. Would like a "NA" one but thanks ;)
  11. Shockbyte or picklehosting would be your best bet then
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  12. Gaxan


    Picklehosting is a bit pricey in my opinion.
  13. Yea it is. I was thinking either ExtraVM, Tigernode, or Anvilnode
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  14. :)
  15. If you want a reliable host for your server that is owned and operated by an active member of the Spigot community that actually cares about what he's providing, go with @MikeA and ExtraVM. You wont be disappointed.
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  16. Do you know the specs? Like what exactly cpu and ect...

    Yea I'm kinda leaning toward ExtraVM
  17. I enjoyed my time at Minespan and/or Shockbyte.
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  18. OVH it's very good.
  19. No I'd open a live chat with them.