Christmas minigame ideas!

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  1. Hey! I'm making a new server to be released in December. I need a easy-to-code Christmas minigame but I'm stuck for ideas! Please help me by contributing ideas!

    Please comment below with a layout like this:

    Name: [Mini-game name]
    Username: [Your MC username]
    Plot: [Mini-game plot]
    Other: [Any other things I need to know about your idea?]

    Thanks for anyone who gives me a suggestion :)
  2. Geka


    I wont use that format to suggest you something lol.
    Maybe a minigame that you need to do what Santa Claus says, and if you do it you get a reward. Maybe that is not easy-to-code but sounds good.
    Something like "Herobrine Chamber" in
  3. Name: Christmas Wars
    Username: Esmorall
    Plot: as skywars but each player starts on an island with a Christmas tree, gifts and surprises underneath, something like luckyblocks but use a custom texture gift
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  4. ^ Great but I'm not that skilled at Spigot programming so I don't know if I could do that but I'll give it a try ;)

  5. Name: SantasWorkshop
    Username: Redned
    Plot: You are an elf and you need to make lots of gifts for santa before the time runs out (3:00 mins), the winner is the one who wraps the most gifts. Every 10 seconds, a random item is given to you, you must throw it on the ground with paper, slimeball (glue), and a wrapping bow (preferably a texturepack to go with it aswell).
    Other: You can modify this any way you want, but make sure to credit me for the original idea.
  6. Wish I could do this but I'm not amazing at Spigot programming :(
  7. What can't you do?
  8. The item drop on the floor stuff.
  9. Oh ok, I sent you a PM, make sure to respond to that.
  10. I'm currently working on a plugin called "Christmas Mayhem".

    It will be in premium this coming December.
  11. Santa Says.
  12. Make a minigame where frightened players must run from death eaters force feeding them egg-nog.