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  1. Hi, me and my friend are trying to create a good Minecraft server.

    I need help with creating a survival world that players (default) cant break or build in besides in their plots or if they have gotten trusted in another person's plot. We need to have a chunk claiming system, right now we have a chunk claiming plugin that is working fine besides the fact that players can build and break blocks outside their plots.

    We want people to be able to claim, unclaim, trust, untrust, lock and unlock. For example /plot claim in the chat. We also want people to be able to sell plots to eachother.

    How should I do this? Which plugins should I use?

    Please help me, thankful for all replies :)
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  2. Hi, can you try this
  3. That's Factions, or if you're not trying to make that I suggest maybe Towny.
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  4. I just wanna say that people won't be able to mine if they cam't break blocks outside their plots
  5. That's cleared up easily in Towny by giving players towny.wild.* in the townyperms.yml or in the server permission plugin.
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