Chunk Ticks make Unbearable LAG!

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Gober, Mar 8, 2018.

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  2. I forgot to say, what does it mean by Chunk Ticks? is it caused by world-saves? Growth? Mob-spawner? Hoppers? anything?
  3. New: When I remove the world 'flat' it drastically improve tps into 19.5++
    Any reason why? I really need this to be fix as fast as possible. Thanks.
  4. Phoenix616

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    There are a lot of blocks that get ticked in the world "flat", as you can see in your timings. If you switch to the regions tab is shows all worlds and tile entities that are in certain areas and your flat world has over 3000 skulls in one region. I would guess that they are the reason for that. The solution would be to remove the skulls or find a way to make them more efficient (maybe it's even already fixed in a newer version of your server?)
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  5. How to make them more efficient? Im confused with that.
  6. You cant make them more efficient, all you can do is delete them.

    Hoppers, Redstone, Mob spawners and other active tile-entities (blocks with special behavior) just cause lag - the server has to constantly check their status for them to work.

    Ban or limit hoppers and adjust their settings, ban mob farms, and remove any other bizarre clusters of laggy objects.
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  7. The laggy world is 'flat' which has no hoppers , spawners at all. Just builds like Mine, PVP , etc. I wonder how is it lagging.
  8. Over 6500 skulls and a good number of hoppers and redstone as well. The skulls i dont understand..

    138 beacons, those are definitely not helping.
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  9. That shouldn’t cause lag unless the server is host on a oversold node or just bad hardware so @Gober where are you hosting your server?
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  10. Still the same. 'flata" world just has way too many tile entities.

    Not as bad as it was, but a massive number of beacons now instead.. Skyblock worlds seem fine.
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  11. By the way is there any easy way to locate them?
  12. Interactive blocks (not most redstone): chests, hoppers, droppers, paintings, skulls, beacons, end crystals, ect.
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