Spigot Chunk Viewer 0.2

A simple but useful plugin!

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    Chunk Viewer - A simple but useful plugin!

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  2. Its fine... but... 2 issues first off popping out. You can break cobwebs and get they drop and its not so lightweight on server to build thos ones every time some one moves to different chunk. Anyone can see them, that's really not good, better use particle effects and send only for user ho is using this feature, not for all server. In overall its small plugin but from code (i have dear to look inside ^.^) its quite nice and clean. So good work :)
  3. Sorry but at the moment I'm making a new plugin (the first Super Smash Mobs on spigot :p) and I'm quite busy so I will fix it later. Thank otherwise for the report!
  4. What is the Estimated Release Date on your Super Smash Mobs???? I am very interested.
  5. I've just finished it! I'm fixing some bugs :p
  6. What is the link for your Super Smash Mobs Plugin???? I would love to check it out