Spigot ChunkMiner [1.7 - 1.15.2] 1.5

The best chunk buster plugin!

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    ChunkMiner - The best chunk buster plugin!

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  2. Add factions support? so they need to be in there factions territory
  3. That's already in the "to do list". It will be added in the next release.
  4. can you add like a shop for it like /chunkminer shop a gui
  5. I've not planned to add a shop. You can sell ChunkMiners in your main shop system and give them to players using the command /cminer give
  6. I have 3 suggestions//reuqests
    1) Cooldown for placing//using the Chunk Miner
    2) anti grief [Didnt realize yet in what form this will be]
    3) World blacklist [blacklist Chunk Miner from the worlds listed in this section]
  7. Thanks for the suggestions!
    I'll add the blacklist in the next update and the cooldown in the next-next update ;)
    What do you mean with "anti grief"? The plugin already supports both WorldGuard and FactionsUUID
  8. Well need Massive Core support as well and sort of anti spam of the chunk miner
  9. I'll not add support for MassiveCraft's Factions. That seems an abandoned project, the latest update dates back to December.
    You should move on FactionsUUID, it's way better and receive updates almost every day https://ci.ender.zone/job/FactionsUUID/
  10. Well since you not gonna add support to MassiveCore, I wont use your plugin cause I have Massive Core
  11. Why don't you move to move to FactionsUUID? It's way better
  12. The whole network server working on MassiveCore
  13. Can you please add a delay between the right click and the chunk is mined ? Because you fall if you"re in the chunk you wanna mine.
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  14. does this plugin work also with factions massivecore also because I saw you only have the factionsuuid
  15. You should really consider support for massivecore factions. Most/many servers still use that version.
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  16. add support for core protect please so we can see who mined chunk and rollback
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