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Chunks are not unloading

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by YourDad50, May 26, 2013.

  1. Hey there Spigot community,

    I've been having this issue ever since I moved to build #867.
    My chunks wont seem to unload and its been bothering me since its ruining my ram.

    At 150 players on I already have 50000 chunks loaded on the main world.
    Usually i only have 2000-3000.

    Any help on this?

    My plugins:
  2. I'll also post my timings in a minute
  3. YoFuzzy3


    Maybe try do /save-on and see if they un-load?
  4. Didnt work
  5. YoFuzzy3


    It's considered rude to bump a post within 12 hours of its last reply, and it hasn't even been 30 minutes.
  6. Sway

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    Assuming you're using McMyAdmin.(BukkitCompat vR22A)

    When your backups are made, McMyAdmin will send the save-off command through console before backing up worlds. Make sure level saving is turned back on after backups are made.
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  7. Maybe this has something to do with the abuse of hoppers or droppers of some sort?
  8. Found the problem, thanks for the help anyway. :)

    My view distance was somehow set back to 10
  9. YoFuzzy3


    How many players?

    I have mine set to 9, with 30 players there's only a few thousand chunks loaded.
  10. 70 players 10 view distance 40000 chunks lol
  11. YoFuzzy3


    With a view-distance of 10 each player would load 529 chunks. With 70 players that's 37,030 chunks. But keep in mind that players will be bunched up. So for 70 players it would probably only be 20-25k chunks. So either you had a different problem or are exaggerating a little. :p
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  12. I'll keep an eye out then. :p