Chunks crashing server in custom generated world (only occurring in 1.13+)

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  1. I have a world I generated in 1.7 with TerrainControl, a world generation plugin. The world is pre-generated with worldborder, so I don't need to be concerned about new generation. I no longer use the plugin and haven't used it in 1.8 - 1.12.2. I've not had any issues in versions prior to 1.13.

    Now if I try to upgrade the world to 1.13 - 1.15, some chunks when a player loads them, crash the server. I've done --forceUpdate when going from 1.12.2 -> 1.13 then again each subsequent major update.

    Log (no plugins installed):

    Now I know the chunks aren't corrupted, because if I generate a new world, using TerrainControl in 1.12.2 with the exact same seed, the same chunks as my production server will crash the local newly generated server in spigot 1.13.2.

    I suspect, this is to do with custom generated ocean biomes. The plugin would make "seaweed" using bamboo and vines under the ocean. In 1.13, the aquatic update that probably causes major issues. Although, I have noticed not all the crashes have been in ocean biomes (I would upload the logs, but they were in paper not spigot).

    Is there anything I can do to get this world working past 1.12?
  2. Generated a new world in 1.12.2 using the same custom generation, exact same seed. Pregenerated all chunks using a command block, updating the server to 1.13.2 using --forceUpdate.

    Server crashes in the exact same chunk, regardless of the fact that the map was regenerated in 1.12.2.

    Server log

    Crash report
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  3. Don't know if it will eventually help, but try to remove TerrainControl from bukkit.yml
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  4. Hmm, yea, sadly it didn't change anything.

    Upgraded to 1.14.4, using --forceUpdate and --eraseCache, teleported to the same chunk:

    I'm not sure what's going on in that server thread dump.
  5. Ok, upgraded to 1.15.2 using --forceUpdate and --eraseCache, same chunk. Interestingly, while the server still crashes, the server stays up longer and manages to load the surrounding area. I was able to take a look around.

    Server log:

    I can see the bamboo underwater, but there are also bats and sheep.


    I would just replace the chunk, but I know there are many of them that crash the world. I probably don't know where the majority of them are.
  6. I believe I've found a workaround, thanks to a suggestion from authvin on the Open Terrain Generator discord.

    If I use a Vanilla or Forge server to convert the chunks to 1.13.2 from 1.12.2, I can then move the world back to spigot and it'll work.

    Potentially a bug with spigot converting 1.12 chunks to 1.13+

    I still have yet to finish converting the entire world, so we'll see.
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  7. Yes, this was the issue. Vanilla converts the chunks correctly, although you have to physically visit them (--forceUpgrade) does not work. In spigot, physically visiting the chunks will crash the server, but if you do it in vanilla first, it'll fix it.

    So, a command block/data pack tp world pregenerator to load all chunks in 1.13 will work.
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