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  1. Chunks are a real pain, they always seem to get corrupted, and they are a hassle to fix.

    Recently I have found a chunk, where entities are invisible. That is the only issue with the chunk, but its an annoying issue.

    How can I fix the chunk without having to download the world and put it through minecraft region fixer? Is there a better way? possibly a way to fix them in game?
  2. CTRL + A reloads chunks if that helps, BUT if they are corrupted like you said its more technical than that of what I know
    And I used to play vindex with me and my friends.. We had fun but there wasn't much to do :/ Sorry to say
    Good luck with the chunks
  3. There is no way for a chunk to make entities invisible, this sounds like a plugin glitch.

    If a chunk is improperly reloaded, entities in it can become invisible to nearby players until they leave the chunk.
  4. Hey,

    Are you referring to chunks being corrupted on your Minecraft server or locally?
  5. Paste your plugins pls