Spigot ChunkyBorder 1.0.38

An add-on for Chunky which lets you create and manage world borders

  1. I understand; just wanted to give you some idea of how to accomplish the task since this functionality currently doesn't exist in Chunky/CB, and it's not something that will happen immediately. If you want to make it a feature suggestion please post an issue here so I can look into potentially adding it when I find more time. Thanks! :)

    (also if you figure out a way to do it with another plugin, please share so other people can also find a solution)
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  2. pop4959 updated ChunkyBorder with a new update entry:

    ChunkyBorder 1.0.29

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  3. pop4959 updated ChunkyBorder with a new update entry:

    ChunkyBorder 1.0.38

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  4. KB1


    Thanks for your work, I see that the latest Chunky now implements the contraction/expansion functionality. :D
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  5. Hey! A quick question, so i did:
    /chunky radius 10000
    and then:
    /chunkyborder add

    Will i ever have to re-set the border? Like if i delete my world from the FTP files, will the border still stay when the world is regenerated?
    Like Vanilla worldborder does this, so i constantly have to set a new border, and its tedius, thats why im askng :)
  6. I'm not sure I understand, but if you want to remove the border, just type /chunkyborder remove. Alternatively, to remove all the borders while the server is offline, just delete the borders.json file in the ChunkyBorder folder.
  7. Nono, i mean, i dont want them to be removed

    So lets say i set a border using chunky, and then i delete the world folder (to generate a new world),
    will the chunky border still stay in the new world, or do i have to run the chunky border command again to set a new border?
  8. It should keep it as long as the world name is kept the same, because ChunkyBorder saves its borders by world name. If you rename the world, you will have to re-add the border or edit the name in borders.json to be the correct one.
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