CIT Custom armor with optifine

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  1. I am trying to create custom armors for my server.

    With Skript, I created armor with a specific name:

    - Gorro NOX
    - Pechera NOX
    - Pantalones NOX
    - Botas NOX

    **(helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots)

    Then I created a texture package with these directories:


    And inside this folder I have put the image files:

    - nox_capa_1
    - nox_capa_2

    Then I created a text file for each element of the armor:


    Each file has a structure similar to this:

    Code (Text):
    type = armor
    items = minecraft: iron_chestplate
    texture.iron_layer_1 = nox_capa_1
    texture.iron_layer_2 = nox_capa_2
    nbt.display.Name=\u00A7ePechera NOX *
    I don't know where I am failing, because I still see the normal texture of vanilla iron.
  2. IIRC... Optifine is not yet compatible with a spigot/Minecraft-server, you would maybe find more success in creating a mod and using a FTB-type patcher for your players... If anyone else could provide more information it would be great for everyone.
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  3. Huh what huh? Optifine is just a client and has nothing to do with the server. As far as I know, it always has and always will work with Spigot. I've been using Optifine on all servers (vanilla, Spigot, etc) for years. Same with many others

    I recommend joining the Optifine discord, you will probably get better help there since this is an Optifine issue, and has no relation to Spigot what so ever.