Spigot Citizens CMD 2.4

Add commands to a Citizens NPC.

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    Citizens CMD - Command on right clicking a Citizen's NPC.

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  2. Fix the permissions please, members cannot use npc commands
  3. Update to 1.11 Please. Getting errors.

    Or does anyone know another plugin that achieves this same thing, working on 1.11?
  4. I'll be working on an update to fix all errors and add more features, apologies for being inactive.
  5. No worries man. Although, I've come across a fair few seperate timings reports where people noticed that CitizensCmd is creating lag. Not sure if this is related to the updates needed for 1.11 or not but just a heads up. :)
  6. Plugin regularly crashing my 1.11.2 server. Removing it until updates.
  7. Could you please change a little bit the npcadd commands from

    /npcmd add <console/noPerms/custom*> <command>

    To something like

    /npcmd add <true/false> <perm/noPerm> <command>

    Variable 1 - if the command is will be casted from player or from console (also instead true/false it could be op/console/player(cast as op player, cast as console or just as player)
    Variable 2 - is the permission if there is any need perm or not
    Variable 3 - is the command itself
  8. How to just one time click?
  9. I try to differ myself from other "npc commands" plugins, that usage is from another one.
    Also I feel like it becomes kind of redundant to be that way, for example if you add console to true and you still add a permission node after, it wouldn't be necessary as console has all permissions.
    But if there is more requests for this to be changed I'll definitely consider it.

    You mean a one click only command? right now it is not possible but I can definitely work on that soon.
  10. sorry if i didnt explain, i want players to run a command from an NPC but that they wont be able to do it again, so just one time (infinite cooldonw) :D
  11. Right now it's not possible but I'll see what I can do.

  12. Oh I know why, the way it was made is that it would check every player when they'd join and see if it was OP and would notify the OP about the update.
    I'll fix it asap, thanks for the report!
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