Solved [Citizens] Create an NPC in game or in plugin?

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  1. Hello!
    I am currently working with NPCs, and I just have a quick question, for those who use Citizens:
    Is it better to create my NPC directly in the game, with the Citizens commands, or should I create them in my plugin?
    Which one is faster, or better?

  2. For what purpose will the NPC(s) exist?

    I.E To send players messages, or proxy players to servers?
  3. in game with /npc create [name]
  4. Without any context, such question is impossible to answer. None the less in terms of performance it's not going to make a single difference.
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  5. It would be to make some custom NPCs, for an rpg type of server, so there would be about 60 or 70 ^^
  6. Again but... what are they going to do? Depending on the complexity, it may be more efficient to do it within the plugin, but for more simple one-liner spouts from an NPC, it would be better to just do it in game and save yourself the hassle.
  7. Yeah, most of them would be simple dialogs or quest-givers, and both of them are pretty simple, so I guess I'll just manage the right clicking in the plugin, and take care of summoning everything with the provided commands!
    Thanks and have a nice day :giggle:
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