Citizens error

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  1. Hello guys when I launch up citizens and command npc it loads up successfully on the server when I go in game and do /pl citizens is green everything indicates it works ok but when I try to do commands such as /npc create or /npc or anything nothings happens in chat no unknown command no error nothing the chat remains blank like nothing happened does anyone know how to help this?
  2. Check in console for an error which my specify the issue.
  3. Make sure you've downloaded the right version of Citizens here
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  4. also a good idea.
  5. I purchased and downloaded straight from spigot
  6. I just said there was no errors and the plugin comes out green in /pl and it works ok it's just I cannot use it in game when I do /cmd create absolutely nothing happens
  7. It is /npc cmdadd (CMD)
  8. I'll try that
  9. Did it Work, and If it did, Please edit to title to solved, Thank you!
  10. This did not work it just says nothing it's blank in the chat and in the console it just says I issued the command no error or anything
  11. When ever I try to do any command related to citizens nothing works I have no idea if it's the plugin but I looked on google and cannot find an answer