Citizens NPC question

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  1. Is there a way to make an NPC show as the player looking at it? If so, how?

    For example: You name an NPC's name to "%player%"- the NPC appears as them.
  2. You can use /npc skin <name> to set what the NPC looks like.
    /npc lookclose will make the npc look at you when you walk close to it.

    I'm not sure which one you were asking, so I hope that helps :D
  3. I'm trying to make it appear as whatever player is looking at it.


    You (Silvernub) are logged on to the server and see the NPC. It will show as your skin. BUT, if another player also sees the NPC it shows as them also. Clientside.
  4. What you are looking for is the capability to have a NPC skin appear to the a like player, so if lucy and bob are looking at an npc lucy sees lucy and bob sees bob?
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  5. Yes.