citizens npc skins back to steve help

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ahikhe, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. hello,

    i got my own server and runnign citizens for a while now, but i notice that sometimes the skins of a npc with a name just disapear? anyone knows how that comes?

  2. Do you just delete the console or actually put the command stop
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  3. I just delete the console i guess. I just click the cross to close the server
  4. You should stop the server by performing '/stop' command in the console, closing it directly can cause problems.
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  5. Thank both of you sometimes i had problems with closing the server my way in result of building loss, npc loss etc etc. now im using the stop command and it works like a charm, thank you both guys! this one can be locked or something
  6. I said it first
    I said it first [XD]
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  7. Your welcome aikhe [Sorry if I spelled your name wrong:(]
    If you need any help just post it in my wall.
    I had trouble like this when I was new to Spigot
    And next time Akhike please quote someones post they will notice that you have quoted their post and they will reply.
    It's not to often that someone will watch a thread