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  1. I just tried the command /npc skin <name> -p and it came up with Unknown flag p. How do I set it so the player skin will not change when the player changes their skin?

    This is the wiki page.
  2. Well, I didn't read the wiki, but if the wiki says it should work and it doesn't you should talk to the dev about it.
  3. mathhulk

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    This same command works fine on my 1.8.8 server. Mind making sure you are using the most up to date version of Citizens 2?
  4. Running Spigot Build 1649 with Citiznes 2.0.13 alpha for 1.7.9
  5. mathhulk

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    Can you use the command /npc skin <name> -c?
  6. Unknown Flag: c
    /npc skin (-c) [name]

    Is the message I get back
  7. mathhulk

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    Try using /npc skin -p <name> then. I actually think that is correct and your way, /npc skin <name> -p, is incorrect.
  8. Unknown flag p.
  9. I'm sorry for this bump but i have the same problem in a 1.8 server, anyone have a solution to set a custom skin on my NPCs ?
  10. Don't remember how but Citizens works for me now. /npc skin (username) is what we do.

    If that first command doesn't work, you should check your server jar, then your plugin version.
  11. Yeah it's working but when i use the -p it's saying to me that it's an unknow flag :/
  12. Alright, I just started getting this issue. Been making hundreds of NPC's without issue, suddenly I am getting this error as well
  13. i just use /npc select and /npc skin [skinname]
  14. That won't work for me as I change my skin to setup multiple different types of NPC's, that's why I use -p