Spigot CitizensText 1.20

Allows NPCs from Citizens to speak.

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    CitizensText - Allows to make speak your NPCs from Citizens.

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  2. Can I add a subtitle message?;)
  3. That is to say ? Where a subtitle ?
  4. You can use subtitles as messages
  5. What subtitles ? In the middle of the screen ? a /title ?
    Sorry I'm french, so if I don't understand excuse me :(
  6. yes
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    Bugs fix

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  8. Hello is me :'>
    soo u can add command end message likes sound?
  9. Er... I don't know who you are, but yes, you can add message command and end sounds.
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    New Timer

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  11. Hi! My server just released (10/6/2017), and a large problem had occurred. All text/dialogue data of my NPCs had been erased or removed. Could you look into this?
  12. Oh :/ And when it been happen ?
  13. I can't say when, but all I am aware of is the config.yml no longer had any information after the occurrence.
  14. And do you have any idea of why it happened ? I think that your texts are lost, I'm very sorry, but I can't understand how. Try to make backups, maybe I will add an option to do automatic backups.
  15. I'm aware that text is gone, however it may have occurred during multiple server restarts. As they were working prior to restarting the server. Other than I'm unaware of the cause.
  16. Oh I see, yes sometimes when the server restart too much times in a short time or when /reload is done (this command is very unstable) the plugin can break. So make sure that you will not use /reload after that, and try to not restart the server too much times.
    Good continuation !