Bukkit Clans - Clan System | [1.7 - 1.14] 0.3.7

A simple Clan System that supports Teaming & Ranking

  1. There is not a error, this a problem. and we need this clan chat format change, i don't like this : http://prntscr.com/o8d0lf
    #381 successed, Jun 29, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
  2. Man, placeholders do not work on 1.14.3. I asked on tab support and they said:

    Oh this plugin hasn’t been updated since January
    So it doesn’t use the new placeholderapi hook method
    You’ll have to message the dev of clans to add it
  3. Placeholderapi Update is already Planned
  4. we waiting this plugin mean, can you update quickly please ?
  5. Will be updated today or as last tomorrow.
  6. Hey Phloxz
    Thanks for the good plugin!
    Does it have Vault integration?
    I wanted to charge for the creation of clans.
  7. yes, vault is integrated.
  8. Does this works on 1.14.3?
  9. Yes
  10. check papi for external placeholders usage.

    you have to use %clans_colored_clan_tag%
  11. it work now http://prntscr.com/ocs4mp
  12. Hi, how to conclude a clan name in []?
  13. What? I don't understand what you wanna do.

    Do you mean like "[%clans_colored_clan_tag%]" ?
  14. Yes, I want to make the clan name be in [], but if the player is not a member of the clan, these characters [] are not displayed. how to do it?

    Such an implementation is in simpleclan, but this plugin does not suit me.
  15. That is Not possible.
    If you are not in an Clan, then it will be replaced with an empty String.
  16. Then which file in the plugin is responsible for displaying the name of the clan? If you can, then tell me in what line
  17. each clan has its own file storing data about that clan, so the file names means the clan name.