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    Clans | Easy to setup | Fully configurable | Gui | NPC Shops | Vault | 50% OFF - ✬ Configurable | Gui | Vault | Shops | Easy Setup | 50% OFF ✬

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  2. The whole size of the plugin is 1 mb ? Or there are other files included
  3. Read home-page

    All the required plugins are in the .zip file.
    • Java 7 and above;
    • Bukkit 1.8.x, 1.9.x;
    • Spigot 1.7.x,1.8.x, 1.9.x;
    • PaperSpigot 1.7.x;
  4. Will this plug in support essentials chat so we can and the clab name in the chats. Have you looked into land claiming using griefprevention plugin?
  5. I am working on land claiming but you could use a claim plugin for now
    Like what @TheBlackTeddy said
  6. Is version 1.0.4 well compiled? Don't create the config like the main page of plugin, and don't response to mysql configuration. Not configuration errors, but still create clans in clan folders.

    I can't dissable scoreboards, and can't share clans to all my network (can't configure mysql)

    My config file:

    Clans: {}
    - '&6Clan info'
    - '&5&m------------------'
    - '&eName: %clan%'
    - '&exp: %xp%'
    - '&elevel: %level%'
    - '&eowner: %owner%'
    - '&ekills: %kills%'
    - '&exptolevelup: %xptolevelup%'
    - '&edeaths: %deaths%'
    - '&5&m------------------'

    Mysql file is in other file, i know, but, change it don't affect to save data.

    Removing and recreate config file don't work, it create the same file.

    Please, solve it. I don't vote this plugin until solve this, i don't want vote negative this plugin, it have potential, but I want know that really fulfills the features
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  7. I will solve it as fast as possible thanjs for saying
  8. Could you add lockette integration? (if a member protect the chest with [NAME OF CLAN] all clans members can open the chest) I know that it should do lockette developer, but, acctually, others plugins, like SimpleClans work with it, and if you could integrate by yourself, it would be great.

    And a maximun of chars for clan name, and a prefix, also configurable maximum chars, for show in chat instead of all the name.

    Also a option for the leader, for enable clan pvp. In my server, for example, people do tournements, usually a group (clan) fight between themselves for a reward.

    Compatibility with worldguard flags?

    Option for change how the name is shown in chat, for example, for put a space between clan prefix and user name, because now, clan name is together to the username

    Thanks by the quickly response in the previous issue.
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  9. Of course thise seems nice ideas :D
  10. All these things will be added after my Exams
  11. When is land claiming happening
  12. Working on it Next week will it be done