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  1. Hello everyone,

    i want to create/learn something about a thing i dont know the name of, so i will try to explain what i mean.

    i want to create a card game in minecraft, to easily manage the cards you have i want to create them like:
    Card card1 = new Card(Common/Legendary etc, CardName, CardPower, etc.);
    but i dont really get how this works, i have seen something about enums and interfaces, i think i need those, am i right?

    then how can i make it so it can save data etc.
    like to a entity you can do like: Zombie.sethealth(); and Zombie.getHealth();
    i want to create things like those, setting name, power etc..

    hopefully you get what i mean to do

  2. I understand what you mean but if you're unsure with Java or the API then maybe learn more about it?
  3. that is why i posted it here, i want to learn about it, but i dont know the name, so i can't learn anything by searching etc.
  4. Learn what part?
    Java or Spigot API?
  5. i think it is something about java, so java but then that part of java
  6. Try to search Object Orientated Programming tutorials
  7. Thx, i will search tomorrow, i now have to go
  8. If you want I could give you a small lesson on OOP programming and how to save data like cards
  9. that would be nice, but i am not really good at understanding english people, so i am not sure of it will really help xD
  10. But I'm dutch as well
  11. Then yes, i would really like that, can you send me a PM with your skype/discord or what you want to use?
    i think i will react tomorrow, like 16:30 dutch time