Clear Lagg clears citizen npcs

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  1. I want to create a blaze NPC in my spawn, clear lag erases it every time its cycle runs. Someone please give me a solution besides putting all blazes in the exempt list causing my server lag everytime someone grinds them and leaves them... you get the point.

    - not changing citizens version
    - any help will be appreciated
    - ONLY reply if you have a solution/tips
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  2. Simply delete clearlag. It's a redundant plugin that causes more problems than good, and Spigot already handles entity clearing afaik.
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  3. not helpful. someone USEFUL speak please
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  4. entities:
    - Squid
    - Zombie
    - Skeleton
    - Creeper
    - Chicken
    - Pig
    - Sheep
    - Cow
    - Horse
    There should be Blaze in your config.yml simply delete " - Blaze"
  6. This.
  7. try /clearlagg clear command use.
  8. what do i use in-place for clearlagg, or is the server going to be fine without it?