Spigot Clearchat 1.2.4

A clearchat plugin with many features and more to come!

  1. The_AxeMaster submitted a new resource:

    Clearchat - Clears the chat globally!

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  2. Is your server 1.11 or 1.11.2?
  3. 1.11.2, sorry, forgot to mention
  4. Alright. I fix is coming up :D
  5. Also please leave a like on my post if it worked :)
  6. Okay, cool, it works but only as OP :S I am using PermissionsEX with the permission listed on your page but only works with OP
  7. Comparate with 1.8 ? =D
  8. I am not sure if it works on 1.8, you can try it out if you would like! :)